Mixed media works on wood and raw canvas by Kate Merritt Davis.
Please contact for availability and pricing information.
Consultations and custom work available.

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gather 'round the campfire

the bowl



blue house


vantage before

vantage after

trek into wilderness 1

working vacation

variations 1 & 2


outdoor facilities

along quarry trail

by grandmother's

cherry tree overhang


path under red sky

red sky over summer field

a spot to share

hillside thick with grasses

night over a field

a heartfelt rebellion

expulsion and accident

shadows behind doors

natural bridge

breaking the mist

must get down from this uphill battle

a thin grasp of the inevitable

that dream will find her way

the myth of mr. owl

experiment 2

the ultimate horror

hourglass figure

denial of ruin

triumph of nature


boundaries are not what they seem

a view near a clearing

transition of the meek and sweetly sleeping