About Kate Merritt Davis

Artist's Statement

My primary compositions are landscapes and non-representational forms. I work with these subjects in order to express and explore visual depth in my work using a variety of media and line-making. I am compelled to work quickly and intuitively; lines of rich color and graphite moving freely between the planes in my work - foreground merging with background and connecting separate objects and tangential thoughts.

In my work, light and shadows break apart into their elements: colors and lines. I capture them on my panels of wood using a combination of highly saturated wax-oil pastels and graphite layered with a variety of acrylic washes. These heightened contrasts of color and value are the reflection of my transitory thoughts, each flaring briefly before fading away.

About the Artist

Kate Merritt Davis studied Fine Arts at the University of Montevallo (Montevallo, Alabama), where she received her BFA with Honors in 2000, cum laude, with a concentration in Painting. She currently works out of her studio in Irondale, Alabama, while tending a rambling garden in the company of her husband and their three dogs.